Our chapter, MOMS Club® of Rio Rancho–South was formed in July of 2000. We are a sister group from the MOMS Club® of Albuquerque–Westside, which began in 1999.

Since we began we have sistered two chapters: MOMS Club® of Rio Rancho–North in April of 2003, and MOMS Club® Rio Rancho–Cabezon in March of 2008.  Beginning in September 2013, our boundaries were again extended to include the Cabezon area.  MOMS Club® Rio Rancho–Cabezon is no longer in existence.

Our chapter is run by member-elected officers that are elected each June. The club is really run by the moms, but the Executive Board acts as a liaison between the membership and International MOMS Club®. They also listen to new ideas and present them to the membership for voting and they ensure that the chapter operates within the bylaws established by International MOMS Club®.

Joining the Executive Board is a great way to contribute to MOMS Club, offer support to other members, get to know other moms, and use skills from the workplace. The Executive Board positions are:

  • The President presides at meetings
  • Acts as a liaison with other organizations and the community
  • Organizes the group’s activities with the help of the Executive Board
  • Acts as liaison between the local chapter and the MOMS Club® corporation and is responsible for preparing and presenting any reports on the local group’s activities as required by the corporation
In summary, the President is the one responsible. She is responsible to the chapter, the community and the national organization.

Administrative Vice President
  • Assists the President in fulfilling her duties of office
  • Assumes the duties of the President when she is not available
  • Coordinates the chapter’s service project(s)
The duties of the Administrative Vice President are essential to the chapter. She is the person the President can defer and delegate to. She is also responsible for the service project, which is a requirement for all chapters per the Bylaws.

Membership Vice President
  • Promotes membership in the group
  • Publicizes the group in the community, and coordinates such publicity with the President.
  • Assists the treasurer in the collecting of dues.
  • Maintains a membership roster.
  • Acts as liaison between the chapter and potential members.
The Membership Vice President should be a “people person." By coordinating and encouraging the publicity, hospitality and fellowship of the group, she is one of the most important members of the Executive Board.

  • Coordinates and prepares any correspondence necessary for the support group in cooperation with the President.
  • Takes minutes at all business meetings.
The Secretary should be an active member of the board and is involved in all decisions that affect the group. She helps guide the group’s activities and represents all the members at the Executive Board Meetings.

  • Responsible for all the funds of the group and deposits all such funds in the name of the group.
  • Maintains the financial records of the group.
  • Receives and legally disperses any funds as directed by the Executive Board.
  • Prepares annual financial reports and any other reports as may be required by the Executive Board or MOMS Club® corporation.
In other words, the Treasurer handles the money! Like the other officers, the Treasurer helps make decisions that will guide the group.